Diana Doll Shows Off Hot Curves in Striped Dress

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Delicious blonde beauty Diana Doll is showing off her sexy curvacious body in a striped mini dress. She turns around and flashes you her perfect ass before sliding the dress down so you can admire her perfect titties. This little hottie keeps herself in fine shape and looking at her sensuous curves tantalizes the eyes and brings all kinds of horny fantasies to mind.

This hot little number knows that she’s fuckalicious and she gets really turned on when she thinks about the effect she’s having on you. Diana Doll caresses her titties and spreads her legs, inviting you in.

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Diana Doll Enjoys Time With Her New Fuck Toy

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

That stunning blonde Diana Doll has slipped into this tasty pink number. From head to tow she’s all decked out in this vibrant colored lingerie, showing you that she’s the hottest sex doll you’ve ever seen. Stockings, garter belt, and that corseted top that make her tits look incredible. She’s ready to put on a show for you so sit back, loosen your pants, and enjoy.

Her bra goes down to pop those tits out and her panties end up around her ankles. As she bends over, that juicy cunt is right in your face. Her hands rub her round ass before she sits down. Once on the furniture, she opens those legs and spreads that pink pussy. She’s got a long silver dildo that’s going to fund a home buried deep between those thighs.

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Diana Doll Strips Down For Intimate Encounter With Dildo

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This blonde beauty is none other than Diana Doll. She’s slipped into some of her sexiest lingerie in order to turn you on. She’s got exactly what it takes – looks, moves, everything. She’s put on this sheer and ruffling number, it’s cute yet sexy and leaves you begging for more. She’ll show you a bit more skin if you’re a good boy.

Her hands slide around the back of her neck, untying her nightie. As she peels it down, you get to see those incredible breasts of hers – so perky, so delicious, so perfect. She can’t stop there though. This babe wants to lose it all so she’s just a naked angel on the bed. She’s ready to pleasure that pussy and she has just the toy to do the job! Get ready for one wild time with this babe!

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Diana Doll Knows How to Please a Pussy

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Diana Doll is one tasty little number and she loves hooking up with some of her hottest gal pals for a little pussy fun. She’s gotten together with this hot brunette for some very hot lesbian fun. She can’t keep her mouth off those breasts. Her tongue running along the girl’s nipple. She loves starting things off with teasing those tits.

Once the teasing is over, these babes pick up the pace. As Diana gets on all fours to crawl into a better spot, her friend stops her, grabbing her hips and sticking that tongue deep into Diana’s ass. Her tongue lapping at both holes until she wants it herself. She sticks her cunt right in Diana’s mouth and cums while her friend continues to eat her out!

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Diana Doll Shows the Poolboy How Wet She is

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The rumors about Diana Doll among the poolboy community has them all a buzz. After hearing stories about this hot lonely housewife and one of their own she has become the stuff of urban legend. So now Jordan, Rob and Dick are all just waiting for the chance to get to clean this Diana’s pool and possibly conquer some legendary pussy as well.

Check out Diana Doll as she gets wet!

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Diana Doll Fucks Someone’s Fiance

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Diana Doll makes a bachelor’s dream come true before he gets married. All he wants to do is fuck his favorite pornstar before making his vows and thanks to a business trip and a wad of cash, he gets what he wants.

The beautiful blonde shows up at his hotel room and gives him the service that he has paid for. She gets naked and lets him handle that perfect natural body while fucking him silly.

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Diana Doll Wets Her Pussy in the Pool

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It’s a wee bit chilly out, but stunning blonde, Diana Doll doesn’t mind. She has a sizzling hot body and a desire to get naked on camera.

See the beautiful blonde stand in the pool as evening arrives. She strips out of her little bikini and reveals rock hard chilled nipples.

As the bottoms come off, the desire builds and she is soon showing her dripping wet pussy hovering over the water. Are you ready to dive in?

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Diana Doll Gets On Her Knees and Spreads

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Diana Doll wears her little pink dress like the true vixen that she is. Her blonde hair frames her beautiful face and her hands play with her hem.

Teasing the camera as she undresses, Diana first exposes her perfect natural breasts and then squats down to show her gorgeous glistening pussy. The pornstar positions on her knees and invites you to fully fantasize about the fun that could be had if only you had her.

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Diana Doll Heats Up Married Sex

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Diana Doll is trapped in an unhappy marriage, but she isn’t ready to give up just yet. She believes that spicing up their sex life can save them and the gorgeous wife proves it by pleasuring her hubby’s dick more than ever before.

See as the seductive blonde mounts her man and rides his cock to a creamy finish on her soft tits.

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Diana Doll Gets a Great Fuck

Friday, August 28, 2015

When pretty blonde MILF, Diana Doll, gives her son some good old fashioned advice for how to behave on a date, Keiran steps in to correct her so that her poor son gets some action instead of a case of treacherous blue balls.

Once her son leaves, playboy Keiran turns his attention to Diana and proves that his tips and tricks work by getting the sexy mommy into bed and fucking her gorgeous pink pussy with his big cock.

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Diana Doll looks for a big cock to fuck

Sunday, August 23, 2015

When Diana Doll is in dire need of pleasuring herself, she finds that the batteries for her vibrator are missing. Little does she know that Keiran stole them and replaced them with his phone number.

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Diana Doll gets fucked by Kieran

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Diana Doll is rather horny, and when Kieran rocks up, its great news as he will fuck anything anytime. Its not long until Kieran has his cock out with Diana Doll giving him a blowjob, and with Diana having an ultra wet pussy Kieran gets his hard cock in there and gives her a hard pounding!

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Diana Doll fucks the poolboy

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Diana Doll is a rich housewife who sits by the pool all day doing fuck all and keeping nice and tanned. Johnny is the local pool boy, and is cleaning the pool when Diana Doll shows up. They start to talk and she reminisces about her younger wild days when she was so care-free. Its not long til Diana gets Johnny’s cock in her mouth and then lets him give her a good afternoon fuck session.

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Diana Doll is a slut that loves big cock

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All Diana Doll ever wanted was to love her husband and show him just how much she cares. However, only her husband thinks that; everyone else knows her as a slut. So its no surprise when she flashes her wet cooch at Johnny Sins, all in the name of wanting a huge cock.

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Dr Diana Doll gets drilled by a big dick

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sexy Dentist, Dr. Diana Doll, comes in to take care of her patient Johnny. But her mind is easily distracted and she until she notices that he has a cavity and needs work done… Getting scared when she wants to start drilling in his mouth, Johnny tries to leave! But Dr.Doll subdues him with laughing gas and letting him do the drilling.

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